Saturday, 30 April 2011

Little bit of a problem!

When we sat down to transfer the footage onto our computers from the camera and start editing, we discovered a problem! It turned out that we managed to film all of the shots with no sound! We decided that this was not going to work and arranged to go out again and record dialogue, sound effects and diegetic sounds with the hope that we would be able to edit it in accurately. Once we had recorded the sounds we transferred them over to the program that we are working on, we got to work. Just to our luck, we were able to voice over the parts where there was dialogue and also add in the sound effects of the car doors slamming and others such as walking and driving across the gravel. Thankfully, we did not have too much dialogue to record as we had planned to have the phone call to the police silent anyway for effect. Editing the part where both parents are calling Charlie's name was also not too difficult as our actors managed to shout the name more or less exactly the same again.

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