Friday, 29 April 2011

Research for the Titles

I researched different fonts to try and decide which one would suit our film opening the most. At first I wanted to use an old fashioned handwriting type font such as ‘Lucida Handwriting’
However, I decided this did not fit as it looked too old as our media product is modern, therefore I looked for some more with a less old fashioned style.

Calbiri (Body)
Arial black
Microsoft Sans Serif

The fonts above seemed more relevant to our film opening as they are modern and bold, outlining the serious event that occurs in the film. I did not want anything such as ‘Curlz MT’ due to the fact that this portrays fun and happiness, something that may be used on a party invitation as opposed to a film opening involving a kidnapping.
I used the programme ‘Abobe Premiere Pro’ to edit the film opening and insert the titles, therefore I used one of the fonts from there. It is similar to the ones above with the simple, bold appearance. I coloured the titles white, ensuring only one came up on every shot to make sure they were nicely spread out and not clustered together. I left the title of the film until the end for impact and emphasis. The colour of this was red to connect to the danger aspect and to the red coat that Charlie wears. 

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