Thursday, 28 April 2011


(.) pause
(1) 1 second pause

1. Father: Everyone strapped in and ready to go?
2. Both children: Yeah
Son: Dad (.) what beach we going to?
3. Father: urm (.) I think Southbourne’s gunna’ be the quickest
4. Daughter: Daddy can you put the radio on? (5)

Radio comes on
5. Radio plays and then fades out as car tyre’s pull up in Car Park in shot 10.
11.Doors slam shut and the entire family walk away.

Quietly new piano music starts to play

Music continues to play and builds gradually. Diegetic beach sounds heard in the background
(shots 12-17)

15. Son can be heard laughing
16. Shots flow and family continues
18-19. Daughter giggles as she runs and hides from her family

Shot 20-25 music builds and other diegetic sounds of the beach and talking can no longer be heard, the only sound is the music¬- edited in. At this point the family realise the daughter is missing

25. Mother: Charlie! Charlie! (Voice is exhausted and strained)
26-29 No sound- silence( this will be edited so it doesn’t affect the actual shooting)
(Parents are calling for help)
28-29. Father calls the police but there is no sound, this is to emphasise the devastation and the unknown of what has happened

30-34. Music plays out

(This is what we have planned for the actors to say in our opening, however we are well aware that this is not exactly what the end result will be!)

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