Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Final Film Opening

Evaluation of final media product

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of our media product as we managed to include a vast majority of features that we were aiming for. However, as always in most evaluations, the thing that would have given us the best chance in improving out film opening is time.
If we were to have had more time, we would have continued to edit our film to perfection including adding more shots for variety. This would have made our film opening more stimulating and enjoyable.
Another thing I personally think we could improve is the music choice. I was happy with the piano piece initially as I think it fits in well with the running along the beach, however I think it runs on for too long. If we were to cut down the length of the piano piece, we would have had to find another piece of music to fill in the space as silence would not fit the sequence and diegetic sounds would not be enough to suffice the action on screen. I would have chosen another ambient piece of music to introduce the disturbance in the equilibrium in place of the piano piece to display the characteristics of the genre to the viewer earlier on than when Charlie physically disappears behind the beach hut. I would introduce this quietly after the siblings finish running across the sand dunes. This would have been an ideal place for this as it would build up suspense to the shot where Charlie goes missing. The main reason for this is that I think the piano piece is boring and drags on for too long, enough to put the viewer off of watching it and losing interest.
Another thing I think we could have done to improve our film opening is adding more visual effects such as changing the lighting of the shots to enhance the colours and make it more eye catching. In addition to this, we could have also added effects such as blurring and slow motion on the disappearance of Charlie to intensify it.
The fade to white we used for the disappearance of Charlie could have been a different colour to suit the emotion. I associate the fade to white with angels and deaths in film, or when people have dreams. Therefore the event of the disappearance does not seem to fit as it is a very different occurrence. We could have used a black or red fade to show the danger and the dark disturbance of the disappearance which may have proven to be more relevant.

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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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Sunday, 1 May 2011


Editing took us quite a long time as we couldn’t decide what music to put in. We originally wanted something with church music and a choir, however we decided that it would not fit as it would be too heavy and disturbing. Therefore we used a piano piece which is more mellow and light-hearted for the family walk on the beach.
We filmed the on the camera from start to finish in the order of our film opening so it was easy to pick out the files and use them in the right order instead of having to search for them and put them in the order we wanted. I found the program ‘Adobe Premier Pro’ easy to use so it was not too difficult putting the files in the right places and cutting them where necessary.
After we had put all of the clips together, we then had to add the music and sound effects. We had chosen the piano piece which was easy enough to add in on its own separate layer and we introduced it in where we wanted and faded it out when the kidnapping approached to then be able to introduce the ambience and the sound effects. Adding these sounds once we had found them was not difficult. I played the sequence and decided where they should go and then inserted them. To check they were in the correct place, I played the sequence back again and changed the position if I thought it was slightly out. Once I had decided that it was position correctly, I then faded them in and out where necessary and also increased or decreased the level of sound in order for them to fit in with the other music.
Editing all went smoothly and there were no problems or errors. The only thing I found difficult was trying to level out the sounds so they all fitted together nicely and one sound did not drown out the other. I watched what we had put together over and over again to ensure there was nothing wrong and make sure everything went together well. Adding the titles was the last thing that there was to do. I already knew what font that I was going to use so all I had to do was decided where to put them and how big they were going to be. This was also easy as the programme has a separate option box for the titles which made it very simple.