Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Post Production

Putting our film onto the computer and premiere pro seemed an easy task. We connected the camera up to the computer and imported our film footage, ready to put together and edit. Our filming was spot on and we had all of the shots we needed in order to make our film fit together nicely. Editing did not get too complicated as all we needed to do was cut the beginning and end of the frames in order for it to flow nicely. There were some small errors where some frames were cut too much and the sequence was jumpy, however this was not hard to correct as we had the frames all backed up in order to replace the ones we had cut too much. We also added the jaws theme tune into our film as it fitted well to create the tension of the chase. However, we had to edit it in order for it to fit in perfectly with the action in our film and for the high, intense parts of the music to come in at the action parts. This proved relatively easy, with trial and error we were able to get the music in sync with our footage as we liked. The last part of putting this together was the finishing touches of the titles at the beginning and the end. This finished our film off and we then uploaded it to YouTube. Success!

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