Monday, 1 November 2010

Pre-production process

To begin with, my group and I put together a story board outlining what our film was going to be about. This was to make it easier for us to film as we could follow the story board in order, knowing what to film and what angles to film at. We needed to include shot reverse shot, match on action and the 180 degree rule and by using the story board we were able to plan out where to put these in our film. The story board also enabled us to decide what angles we wanted to film at such as over the shoulder, eye level and establishing shot. Planning our story board only took a very short amount of time (30-40mins) which meant my group and I were able to go straight ahead and film for the remainder of the double lesson. However, having put our story board together, we found it difficult sticking to it and ended up having to improvise when we started to film as it is not very easy to just stick to the story when there are half a dozen different ideas pouring into each of our heads on how to chop and change to improve! Saying this, we did find the storyboard helpful in keeping to the task and including all that we needed to.

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