Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Production Process

Filming the short film was quite an easy method at our school. My group and I were able to film during lesson time which meant that the majority of the school was quiet and the corridors were empty. We set out on the first lesson with the plan of filming in the English corridor and drama studio. This was ideal as the corridor was perfect for us to film the running sequences and the drama studio is on the same corridor which made it easy for us to film with continuity. We were able to construct our perfect set using the props in the studio which gave us a real head start in the process which also saved a lot of time. The props consisted of portable wall partitions which we used to create an interview room. We also found a cloak which was a perfect addition to one of the characters in our film. We had written out a storyboard in our pre-production to guide us, however we deviated from this quite a lot which was mainly due to filming to suit the set. We also made many changes to our ideas whilst filming which was positive as we were constantly improving on our production. We had no problems using the filming equipment and everyone in the group was involved in the both the acting and being behind the camera which worked really well.

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