Monday, 7 March 2011

Film Opening Plan

Me and Emma have chosen to combine two of the film themes and make a film involving both aspects…these aspects are:
·         Independent movie - featuring a young protagonist
·         Art house – appealing to adult audiences

We have decided to combine the above film features as we recognised a link between them which we thought would work well. Our film will be about a kidnapping/disappearance of a little girl from a wealthy family. With the beach being the setting, on an evening walk with the family, the little girl will disappear without a trace. Our aim is to create a mysterious/confused effect and we will do this with the use of music (both diegetic and non-diegetic), camera angles and effects.
The little girl will be wearing a red coat with the rest of the family dressed in pastel colours. This will help to show the presence of danger in the art house effect without being too obvious. Our idea is to include the constant, subtle diegetic sound of the sea as a background noise with the mumbled dialogue of the family and distinctive laughter of the girl whilst playing. We may include echo effects to her laughter to emphasise the art house effect.
We will use establishing shots of the family walking down the beach to capture the mood and tranquillity with over the shoulder shots of the parents looking out onto the children playing ahead of them. We will then contrast these shots with extreme close ups of the parents faces when the girl goes missing to emphasise the disturbance and horror of the situation.

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